NeoraFit Block + Balance Pre & Probiotic Powder

Did you know that gut health is vital to your body’s overall health? The gastrointestinal system is the main “portal” for taking in and processing nutrients, but it also serves as the communication center for your nervous and immune systems to your mental health and digestive function. Needless to say, research suggests a healthy gut plays a pivotal role in your overall well-being. Take this lemon-flavored pre- and probiotic powder on-the-go before lunch to reduce the feeling of bloating, ease digestion, help curb cravings, support your immune system and more to keep you going strong, all year long. After all, good gut health leads to total health.*

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How To Use: NeoraFit Block + Balance Pre & Probiotic Powder
Step 1: Take Block + Balance Pre & Probiotic with lunch. For optimal effectiveness, take before a meal. Slowly pour onto the tongue and allow powder to dissolve. Alternatively, mix with water or a beverage of your choice.


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